3 Weeks – Time You Need To Lose Weight

Weight loss industry is so confusing that it is impossible for one to find authentic and healthy information. Every time you look for ways to lose weight you will find new and ground-breaking technique or pill.

When people hit gym to lose weight most of them don’t have exact plan to work on it. They feel by lifting weight they able to lose weight. Unfortunately, they even don’t know how much time it will take to lose weight.

According to research and analysis by Brain Flatt, “3 Weeks is enough to lose 20-21 pounds”.

These claims may look extravagant but there is a science behind why a human needs only 3 weeks to lose weight.

3 Weeks To Lose Weight?

Yes, there are ways and methods that can help you to lose weight in as little as three weeks. This means you can achieve your weight loss goals in as little as three weeks instead of losing 1-2 pounds a week.

Different studies showed us most diets failed to deliver results. This is due to fact that most mainstream diets are targeted towards providing slow weight loss that means 1-2 pounds a week and truly speaking this is not enough for the amount of scarifies it takes to reach there.

Some may question, “Why we need 3 weeks to lose weight?” This is good question because we are told by so many fitness experts that it is really dangerous to lose weight in such a small time. However, researches and studies showed that humans need approximately 3 weeks to adopt any new ‘healthy’ habit either it is about losing weight, going to gym or eating healthy.

Most times we don’t focus on this 3 week period and instead we want our body to adopt new ‘healthy’ habit in a day or two which ultimately cause failure in the end. If we focus on ‘try’ new habit for only 3 weeks period instead of building new habit for life then we can see success in adopting new and healthy habit quite easily.

So instead of starting with the mindset of making a new habit for life, tell your brain that you want to ‘try’ this new habit for just 3 weeks and after this ‘trial’ period you can get back to previous routine and lifestyle. This way your brain will let you participate in developing new habit and develops new neutral pathways once your brain finds out new habit actually benefited you. This is the science behind why you need minimum 3 weeks to adopt new habit.

In term of weight loss, 3 weeks is vital because after this 3 weeks period when you saw your body melt many pounds ultimately your brain pushes you to stick with it and reach the weight loss goal that you have set for you in past.

Importance of Rapid Weight Loss:

I am helping men and women to lose weight and get fit since many years and almost every of my clients want me to show them quick way to lose weight. Truly speaking I have yet to find guy or girl who wants to lose weight slowly. Even men and women that come to me to lose some pounds take things too far and now seeking for ways to lose weight rapidly.

I feel the number one reason why most diets fail is failure to provide quick results. It is not easy for any of us to spend hours in gym, have small portion of meal everyday and stay away from tasty foods for much longer period. This is why we are always looking for ways to lose weight quickly. If any weight loss plan starts delivering quick results to its user then it is biggest motivation for him or her to stay longer with the same plan and achieve its results quickly.

Considering these facts, Brain Flatt designed 3 Week Diet to deliver quick results so you will lose weight quickly and feel motivated to achieve your weight loss goals. You can read 3 Week Diet review at this site.

Is Rapid Weight Loss Safe?

Most men and women question, “Is it safe to lose weight quickly?” This is very good question because we are bombarded with the negative effects of losing weight quickly. In my research I have yet to come to research that shows me regarding the speed of weight loss. Normally all the previous researches done on the various method of weight loss and they have nothing to do with speed of weight loss.

Besides that, carrying extra fat in your belly for longer period is the most dangerous thing you ever do. Obesity is #2 in the list of preventable cause of death. Obesity doesn’t only make your body to look ugly but it also increases risk of numerous diseases like cancer (breasts, bladder, kidney etc), autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and heart diseases are few of them.

Keeping all these facts in mind, I don’t find any reason why one should not look for losing weight as quickly as humanly possible.


In the end I would like to say it is completely safe to lose weight quickly. Many doctors and experts don’t recommend quick weight loss because they know men and women start running behind fake hype pills and supplements that claims to help in losing weight quickly.

It is important for you to understand that there is no pill or supplement that can help in losing weight quickly however if you want to lose 12 to 23 pounds in 3 weeks then look no further because Brain Flatt’s 3 Week Diet is the scientifically-proven natural method that combines different technique to deliver quick and safe weight loss. Here’s the review of 3 week diet that helps you to understand more about this quick and safe weight loss system. Follow this weight loss program for just 3 weeks and you will see difference in your whole body.


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