My Detailed and Honest 3 Week Diet Review

Lose weight fastBefore anything else, I would like to ask two questions from you:

Do you want to look SLIM and SMART?

Do you want to wear SKINNY JEANS that is hanging somewhere in the corner of your wardrobe?

I know you will answer YES to these questions but your FATTY body is the main hurdle. If you ever look TV programs like Dr. OZ then you will get impression that weight loss is difficult. They’ll tell you weight loss takes months after months and sometime it takes year to achieve. However it is not right!!

It is completely normal, safe and healthy to lose 15 pounds in 21 days.

But the problem is that there is no shortage of weight loss programs in the marketplace and their so-called fitness guru claiming that their program is best of all.

Recently Brain Flatt launched The 3 Week Diet that comes as a package containing Introduction Manual, Diet Manual, Workout Manual and Motivation Manual. In this page I am going to tell you what’s inside this plan, what is unique in this and how it can helps you in losing weight.

Before talking more about this plan let’s take a look on its author and find out if he is really trustable or just another so-called fitness expert.

Who is Brain Flatt?

I heard the name of Brain Flatt first time when I visit 3 week diet website. But the question that came in my mind was Does Brain Flatt is the real man or he is also one of the non-exist authors that we find in most weight loss programs these days?

This question leads me to research more about him. Later, I discovered Brain Flatt is the certified personal trainer, an author, speaker and also certified sports nutritionist. I also discovered he is in fitness industry since 90s and he is also running REV fitness which is a personal training studio located at Southern California.

In terms of education, he is degree holder in Biology from San Diego University.

All my findings about Brain Flatt conclude that he is reliable person who knows about weight loss.

Now let’s take about his program.

What is 3 Week Diet?

The 3 week diet GuideIt is scientific-backed weight loss system created by Brain Flatt for all those men and women who wants to burn fat quickly in the safe and healthy way. Brain Flatt designed this program after the research of 12 years. In this program you will get instructions and step-by-step method on how to burn 15-20 pounds in just 21 days. This program is especially for those busy people who can’t arrange long hours from their busy schedule.

In this plan Brain Flatt teaches you how to create your own custom-nutrition plan and exercise routine. Before reading this plan, Brain Flatt will recommend you to take your body measurements and amount of time you can invest for exercising then you can continue reading the main manual and the next day you can easily build your own nutrition plan and exercise routine.

The main objective of this plan is to teach its users about how to make their body burn STORED FAT for energy. Once the body enters into starvation mode it will burn stored fat to fuel heart, liver and other organs. This is the scientifically proven method and it is tested by many people all over the world.

Brain Flatt divided this whole system into 4 guides that are:

  • Introduction Manual
  • Diet Manual
  • Exercise Manual
  • Motivation Manual

Beside these four guides, Brain Flatt also shared lots of tips about balancing hormones, improving metabolism, burning stubborn fat and much more.

How Does It Work?

The 3 week diet 21 days reviewAnyone who wants to lose weight with 3 Week Diet has to follow 4 steps that are recommended by Brain Flatt. These four steps are:

Step 1 – Detoxification:

In this first step you will learn how to cleanse your body parts and especially liver. This is because your body is currently full of toxics that are blocking your body from burning fat. Once you detoxify your organs your body is in prime situation to burn fat. Even there are some users who burn 10-12 pounds in this phrase. Brain Flatt recommended Vitamin A,D and E to detoxify your liver, improve hormone balance and increase insulin sensitivity. In this phrase you will get list of 17 vegetables and 7 sources of protein. Users have to follow this step for 7 days before jumping into the next step.

Step 2 – 24Hrs Fasting:

Once you complete the detoxification phrase now you have to do 24 hours fasting. Fasting is the safe and natural method to burn fat. After detoxification your body is in best place to burn fat and fasting can make sure this fat burning environment remains as it is. You have to start fasting from the last meal of your seventh day till the dinner of the eight day. You can eat anything you like in 8th day dinner but you have to make sure you don’t eat too much carbs.

Step 3 – Fat Fast:

Fats can help our body to burn fat faster. After the first and second step your body is in need for fats while your body keeps on burning fat from hips and belly region. You have to follow this step for three days that is 9th, 10th and 11th day.

Step 4 – Unique BMR:

In this last step you have to consume foods according to your unique BMR. This step will continue from 12th day to 21st day. In this step you will first have to calculate your unique BMR and then consume calories according to your BMR. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to calculate about BMR because you will get all information inside 3 Week Diet.

Who’ll Get Benefit From This Program?

The 3 week diet Reviews

This 3 Week Diet is ideal for every man and woman who wants to burn fat quickly without any supplement. Brain Flatt designed this system in such a way that even vegetarians can use this diet to lose weight. Additionally it doesn’t matter how worst are your genes you can still take benefit from this program.

But this program will help only those people who will ready to put their efforts in the 21 days plan and ready to perform twenty minutes exercise only 4 days a week.

However it is important to understand that this is not a magic pill so you have to put your efforts if you want to get results from this plan. Take action now by downloading 3 Week Diet.